April 9, 2010
By TheCursedLight GOLD, Montrose, Michigan
TheCursedLight GOLD, Montrose, Michigan
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I am the offspring of the flowers
and the bright morning star.
The bretheren of the strangers.
We receive so much from the truth
and the helpers.
Our friends salute the trees
and the roots they maintain.
The reflection of his beloved
Grace and pride is shattered
and broken down.
The spirit fell at my feet dead
and the ghosts follow.
Their souls combine with mine.
We trembled seven days for
the ghosts capture.
Crying angels kneel down on
the shore and drop the first tear.
The dotted pattern stripes can be
wrong by the ministry and death
will consume him.
The slow breezes story has ended.
We depart from the circle and go
in our holes.
Tomorrow is accomplished.
Yesterday is yet to be fullfilled.

The author's comments:
Just something i thought of in gym.

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