March 29, 2010
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My fingers travel to the places you've been
The memories on each page
The laughs colored in the backround
The crinkled tears smeared on the pages
The lipstick marks found on the last page
Finding out the truth, the answer to the mystery
The long sentences underneath the pictures at the beginning
Are the ones I wish you could run back to
Sprinting away from the mystery I had just solved
The book that I wish I wasn't the author to
Cinderella was what i actually asked for
Instead of getting a drama, or maybe a mystery
Where is the perfect hero in the end of my story?
Where they say the end when the prince comes along
Life isnt like that
At least not in my story
I stopped waitng for that moment
Where I feel that giggle deep down When I see a man I want but would never look at me the same
Cinderella gets her prince
While there are lonely people in the world who get crushed by the men they think are their own princes
While we look at Cinderella as if shes a queen, a goddess, or a celebrity
She has the one thing that everyone wants
When you feel for someone
Wait for them to feel you too
Find a prince
A prince where your story would say the end
With no hesitance
After you kissed him
For the first time
Knowing this would be the last guy you would ever touch
The glow in your heart
lighting the path to your whole life ahead of you
thats what i want
thats the real love
the end.

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Basketball23 said...
Mar. 11, 2011 at 5:13 pm
This is fantastic!!!!!!  I love how you kept referring to Cinderella, it really gave it a fairy-tale mood.
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