The Truth About Forever: You Die Before It Happens

March 8, 2010
By AngelForeverBleedingLove DIAMOND, Frederic, Wisconsin
AngelForeverBleedingLove DIAMOND, Frederic, Wisconsin
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Favorite Quote:
You say you don't remember,
But I will never forget

I want to get lost in your eyes
It'd be so perfect there,
Better than meeting God himself
If one were to believe in such a thing
But I turn away after a glance
'Cuz nothing like this can last forever

But is this the way it should be?
The way we are now, forever?
Just frozen in time, lost in space
Never being anything more, or anything less?

I'm so close to heaven
That I can smell it
Leather and gunpowder:
The timeless scent I've been dreaming of...

I'd give up forever to kiss you
But I know you aren't thinking of me now
All I can taste is this moment
All I can see are your eyes
But more sooner than later it's over
And since you're the closest to heaven
That I'll ever be,
I don't want to go home right now

I don't want the world to see us
I know they won't understand
Everything is made to be broken
Though I know we're stronger than that

It takes a lot to trust someone
With your heart, your mind, your soul
But with you it comes so easily
It's like second nature
So when I came to you for answers
I didn't have to bleed to know I was alive

So this is the way it should be
The way we are now, forever
Just frozen in time, lost in space
Never being anything more, or anything less.

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