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Rubik's Cube

The odds are quite against you,
Ranging tens of millions to one,
A slip of the hand, a flick of the wrist,
One false motion leaves undone.
The strive for ultimate success,
Requires tender care and thought,
For life’s color-coated pathway,
Leaves many lives to rot.
Not all men who attempt,
Can conquer the puzzle divine,
Many obstacles must be overcome,
Most lost without mark or sign.
The wilderness of choices,
Consumes wandering soul,
When given opportunities,
The followers need be told.
For the simplicity of man,
Takes solace in orders and rules,
With enforcement and boundaries lacking,
Dragging out the inner fools.
The man who conquers fear,
Of endless choices to take,
Withholds power of fate altering,
From brainwashed molded he will break.
The foundations of life created,
and the paths we do not choose,
may have been the true door,
to solving the cryptic Rubik’s Cube.

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