February 20, 2010
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guitar strings are treacherous little creatures
pulled so tight that the slightest touch
makes them cry out

in pain
yet when coaxed with expert hands

they can sing
unheard feelings spilled into the air

for people to enjoy

more than they even know
but would they dare dance a duet

with the dead

once laughing songs are silent
they sit

cast aside
not forgotten but lost

took for granted

the one who played them
took for granted

the beautiful sounds

that they couldn’t make alone


no one can hear the guitar strings now

vibrating cries lost in the wind
singing a song to welcome him home
singing a song to guide his way

guitar strings are treacherous little creatures
waiting in a corner

waiting to be played

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Annabelle L. said...
Mar. 25, 2010 at 6:13 pm
Wow! this is so awesome!! (I play guitar. Sort of) :)
Is this about your grandpa's guitar?
Anyway, I think it's really great. Made me a little sad.
Please keep writing!! you have great talent!
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