the lonliness of my soul

February 18, 2010
By , jacksonville, FL
The loneliness of my soul
Consumes my heart whole
Replaying in my mind every day the wish that you were here in my arms
Standing alone
Waiting for that day that we will stand face to face
As I think of this moment
The tears come cascading down my face as all my emotions take control and my mind goes blank
As the thought of feeling you in my presence cross my mind
The shadows at nights no longer haunt me
Instead the shadows begin comforting me
Thinking alone in a dark room with the cool breeze swaying back and forth
I realize love and I are at war
At a time I gave up and let her have in control
But love left a path and I followed it and it directed me back to you
Memories never fade but the coldness of the nights escapes as soon as the big boastful sun sets
Closing my eyes at night praying that you met me in my dreams
The only place in the world where we could be together happy
Away from the worlds, naked from the eyes of man as they say
Gradually counting down the days until I can smile once again
The day when all my worries fade and all my prayers will finally be answered
But until then the love you left lingers in my heart, filling the empty void there since you temporarily departed

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JaquambiaC. said...
Apr. 17, 2010 at 12:51 pm
this was a poem i used to express the emotions  i felt as time went by when i lost a very important person my life as i waited for them to come back home.i hope you will love it and that i painted a qood picture of what was qoinq throuqh my head.
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