Fooled by You

February 16, 2010
you had me fooled, but yet i was still yours
the things i wanted to say were hard, it took me awhile
i sometimes felt used, unappreciated
i felt loved and wanted
but hated and disowned at the same time
i was afraid of what you would do
you always said those 3 words to me
you said you meant it with all your heart
but your actions said differently
i believed the things you told me
i was so stupid and blind, i couldn't see
that we were slowly drifting apart from each other
it was quickly breaking my heart
you didn't seem to care
although you said you never wanted to loose me, you did
i started to believe you were the one
you thought the same about me
you lied &i cried
now im free, it felt good to be released
i don't know why but i'm glad i said good-bye
i was sick of your lies
there was a smile on my face once again
they say never fall for some one
unless they are willing to catch you
you didn't catch me, but some one else did
you lost me, it was all you
so the story goes...
i was inlove with you
you broke my heart
then he came along
he picked up all the pieces
put them back together
and his love and care make my heart whole again
so this is it
good-bye mr. wrong
hello mr. right

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