Your Terrible Perversion

February 9, 2010
By NaCheezIt GOLD, Missouri City, Texas
NaCheezIt GOLD, Missouri City, Texas
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Why does everyone judge you.
Like you're some freak of nature?
Like you're some terrible mutation in a sea of perfect DNA,
They look at you, and they don't see you. 
They see right through,
Through to their thoughts,
Their assumptions,
Their condemning spirit,
They see some terrible perversion. 
Your terrible perversion. 
And it sickens me to see it. 
All the things that they do. 
You can see the awkward glances. 
Feel them staring.  
Hear their ridiculing comments. 
Hear their ignorance. 
That's what it really comes down to, their ignorance. 
So no, I don't judge them for being ignorant. 
And no, I don't hate them. 
I pity them. 
I pity their closeminded mentality. 
Because they're missing out on one of the best friends that someone could have. 
And it sickens me to know it. 
Their ignorance is sickening, saddening, and pitiful.
I just hope that someday, somehow, their eyes will be opened.    

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