The Unseen Still Casts Shadows

January 20, 2010
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What is it like to see through the eyes of the unseen;
To be the wind that sways the trees and breezes past you with a chill?
Would you walk with me in confidence down the path of never-ending,
if you saw what others could not see,
or ignore my presence all together,
succumb to the generalized,
mediated society;
It IS real. You are me and I am you
and we see through windows we didn't even know existed.
(because that's how they tell us to look)
straight ahead,
there's no time to focus on what is unseen.
Would you swallow your pride for me?
Forget the consequences and please just break the barriers with me.
The city is at rest,
if you believe it to be;
anything that comforts your uneased mind
and lets you see beyond.
Make it up. Play Pretend. Reach out into the distance,
where no one else surrounds...
You are already there, Can you hear me?
Speak out! Hold your gaze; control the beating of your life.
Take charge and don't forget,
all that is seen can be unseen.

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