Remembering Roby

January 4, 2010
He stumbled out of bed
staggering off the remnants of
alcohol and heartbreak that
he was much too young to handle.

Unsteadily, he made his way
over to the window,
in hope that fresh air and sunshine
would bring back the memories of
what happened Saturday.

Leaning into the breeze, he tried desperately
to push through the thick haze
cheap beer and cigarettes had placed
on his mind.

A girl. A girl with black hair,
green eyes, and a devilish
smile. Roby. Where
was Roby?

Swaying from the suddenly
intensified wind and sense of despair,
he fell to his knees.
Awash with tears and unexplained
guilt, he sobbed,
"I don't know."

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