Midnight Rain

January 14, 2010
the darkest time of day,
known for the silence that echoes at each street corner.
However, not tonight.
Tonight the whispers of those still awake is muffled
by the beating of the rain.
The rain;
coming down as if in anger lulls he child
to a soon to be undisturbed sleep.
But until that undisturbed slumber arrives,
the child’s eyes follow the movement
of the crystal-shaped drops that glisten in the moonlight.
A constant rhythm against the window glass.
Consistent is the music of the night,
washing away the very idea of time.
no longer in existence, there is no
measure of seconds passing. There is only the
rain as it beats against the window; the child listens
with their head buried in their pillow.
The child is on the verge of a deep slumber.
I am the child awake at night in my bed.
I am the child being lulled to sleep.

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Rahnay said...
Jan. 27, 2010 at 8:06 pm
Please ignore my spelling error. :(
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