Somewhere In Between.

January 3, 2010
By DearMindy GOLD, Greeley, Colorado
DearMindy GOLD, Greeley, Colorado
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The best feeling in life is doing what what someone said could not be done.

Tick Tick

Without you there's no time to tell
because all my time you've stolen.
I want to get better and say without you,
I'm finally living.

But I can't.

Because my clocks are shattering and my eyelashes are crusty,
I cannot survive another sunrise without you.
The sun rises in the east of my heart,
but sets in the west of yours,
and somwhere in between lies my words,
lies the storm.

I wish the stars were as fresh to me again
as when we laid beneath them,
and I wish the heavens would grant me another wish too true.
But somewhere between the
heavens and here, love waits.
Waits for you.

My make-up crumbles off my face
and my nails are breaking to sand,
My feet have lost their direction
and somewhere between right and wrong,
I stand.

My blood is frozen but I have a fever blistering inside.
My hair is falling to ashes and my memories are fading.
I leave my window open at night hoping you'll hear my
patient waiting.
But somewhere between yours and mine and gathering the pieces,
somehow I'm still breaking.

So from time to time I cool my veins and uncensor my tears.
I folly inside my memories and drown inside my complicated laughs.
I tear down my face of fakeness and unleash the dispair that hides
inside my tongue, and eyes, and hair.
I fool proof my room and untangle all the words I've left unsaid for you.
Because somwhere between my head and my heart,
there's nothing more I can do.

But through east and west,
the heavens and Earth,
between right and wrong,
yours and mine,
and my head and my heart,
and of where,
I'm not always quite sure,
but somewhere in the middle of all this,
you got lost,
you got lost between me and her.

All I can hope for is fleeting into tarnished scribblings on old paper.
And my worst fears are taking over once again.
You made me wanna be lovely.
You made me wanna be better.
You made me wanna find myself.
And through finding myself you made me see,
that all I can hope for
is that when you find you..

you'll find your way back to me.

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