December 10, 2009
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I let my heart free, run wild, simply happy to be.
Though it aches and merely cracks, it never breaks.
It wakes alongside with the sun, and suddenly I am undone.
Ignite me, set me on fire. Fill me with love and desire.
Catch me when I fall, give me something to recall.
I’m thankful that we still say hello that we haven’t completely let go.
And its times like these I simply praise, for letting me know that my hearts a blaze.
We fell for each other, though we never raised.
The ground seemed an admirable place. So there we remained.
Tumbling as youngins play, not noticing the world spinning around,
We simply preferred the ground.
As time came, I made an unsettling acceptance you see,
Amongst the leaves that crunch beneath the aurora settles and speaks to me.
Subconsciously I move my feet, an awkward motion that seems so neat.
As though something is propelling me, I look up and feel so free.
The trees all blur as they pass my view. Now I am spinning too.
In this haze I finally see, so many realizations make me flee.
I’m running; the rain hits my face.
The sweat and rain mix, an embrace.
An embrace I admire as do I your grace,
With every step you take, and every smile you make.

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okgo9 said...
Oct. 19, 2010 at 9:53 pm
I love your poetry! This sounds like it could be made into a song.
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