November 13, 2009
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Have you ever been completely alone,
even when your surrounded by people-
still you dont want to go home,
but your attempts to stay away are feeble?

Have you ever been alone,
with nothing to do-
and the silence cuts to the bone,
it seems like lonely, empty days were made for you...

Have you ever been so alone,
that your just want to go away-
you feel more love should be shown,
or you just cant exist for one more day?

Have you ever felt intensely alone,
no one hears your silent cries,
the light in your mind must be blown,
'Cause you start to believen your own lies?

Have you ever been sad and alone,
unashamed to let your tears fall,
like a child whose ice cream fell off the cone,
except the only thing to comfort you is a wall?

Have you ever tried to fit in,
walking down the hall on your own,
you get the same mean glares again-
and remember your completely alone.

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