Tears of Memory

November 5, 2009
By Anonymous

Cry, sadness laughter
Joy, tears, love
These are my experiences
These are my memories
These are my moments

I look back on my memories as I get ready for college
The smile on my face as I see my mom walk into the room with my birthday cake
The taste of vanilla cake saturating my mouth like my mother’s love saturating my heart
As I look upon my friends I see their joy and their laughter
Yet the best times are going to come after

Fast forward time as if adjusting your clock
To the best week of my life known as Disney World
I ran around as if I was five
Just seeing the reds, blues, and yellow
The smell of popcorn filled the air along with a new sweet treat; Churros
The sweet crunchiness along with the chocolate drizzle fills my taste buds like a small fiesta

As I get ready for College, I look upon these days
My old life is coming to an end and my new life is about to start
A life filled with new sounds, sights, and feelings
Journeys, obstacles, and happiness
Just like how it began

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