October 20, 2009
Sometimes I don't know how I do it.
Go from one day to the next living with all this ***.
But I keep going, keep chugging along.
Still, even after everythings gone so wrong.
I don't get the point of it sometimes.
So I'll sit down and throw out some rhymes.
What do i do now? I ask myself this so much.
All the while feeling like I'm living on an invisible crutch.
People say things will get better in time.
I just hope their right, hope things become sublime.
That's really all I can wait for.
Just hope from now to then, I can continue to endure.
It's sad though, how it hurts the people around me.
Sometimes makes me want to hide under lock and key.
Just so I hurt no one but me, myself, and I.
So I don't make other people break down and cry.
But in the end I'll wait and wait and deal with it all.
And simply pray that at the end this isn't just my depressing downfall.

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