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Did I mispeak--
speak--speaking of the rumors flooding the air like morning fog,
what is truth --
fully, I say to you that I couldn't believe my ears when I heard her voice, oh my--
God, can anyone see he invented political graffiti
When he wrote on the King's wall
--et Where is my wallet?
Someone must have stolen--
my identity; am I just a product of society my--
Surrounding me on all sides, I breath heavily, please don't hurt me--
mother! father! what did I say did I mis--
SPEAK! State your business
. . .

I didn't know what was going--
On, and on, clarity, I need to see--
Clearly before me arrows, tipped with the blood of--
Brother, I've lost something have you--

See, what you've done! When will you grow--
Up and past, spiraling influences. Are our thoughts like a subway?
The destinations predetermined but the reasoning
undefined? A myriad--
of arrows blot out the son and one finds my chest. Blacker, my vision tunnels
it's finished I hear the galloping listening for--

Have I spoken out of turn--
ing. Tossing, these tracks thump and trail away
until the station is gone--
Gone, a whole army. Where is my rescue, so--

help me I'll make you--
listen have you seen my--
--wall it was right on the wall and he still couldn't see the impending war--
--my wife, she told me not to go
she said that I was--
nothing, father, please ask--

My Brothers, I must say I am nothing but
-- what others tell me to be, even when I strive for
--originally, I came to battle with foolish, youthful, hope--
fully you can see I am tired
of being-- tired of being aloo--


Have I mispoken?

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