Words Like Fire

October 16, 2009
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Pictures are worth thousands of words
The poor soul that said that was wrong
Because after I poured my heart onto the page,
After I painted myself on that book,
A whole person emerged from the paper
He stood before me
And I knew
I was gazing into a mirror
Where my reflection of love, hate, anger, and loss
Was staring back at me
These thousands of words that I tore my heart out to write
Emotion breathes life into them
And they twist into my mind
Asphyxiating it
It seems your ink in the book is permanent
No matter how many times I claw it off
It stays there like a black tattoo
Enveloping and choking my body
In my desperation
I take fire to the page
Nothing is immune to flame
Those thousand words abhor me in my mind
But to burn my mind to let that page rot away
To burn my mind to forget you
Would be a small price to pay

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