October 14, 2009
I made my mother
cry today
I'm a monster
for acting this way

She says I'm not happy
and she's worried bout me
you know what i see?
a tear down her cheek

I can't help it, I'm sorry
I'm broken and torn
you don't see inside me
where I'm tired and worn

It's all his fault
that I'm this way
he stole my heart
and broke it each day

I try to let go,
I try to move on
but I love him so
And now he's gone

He was never there
he never loved me
he doesn't care
and he doesn't see

I'm just so sad
I'm bored of this life
It all seems so bad
I won't be his wife

I'm just so tired
of all the same stuff
no one is hired
to make it go "puff"

I'm so very sorry
for making you weep
please forgive me
or I'll fall in a heap

I'm just so sorry
for making you cry
please forgive me
or else I'll just die

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