October 8, 2009
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i always wished i could be that one girl that always turns heads. the one that everyone knew and everyone liked. The one who was pretty and smart but not shy. The one that took your breath away with every stare. I'm not though. I'm me. The shy one who
pretty and smart and has good friends. The one who thought she couldn't catch your eye but she did. She got a glimpe of you thinking of her for awhile. But now you went to the one with popularity and looks and left the shy girl behind. You,like a leaf flew away with the wind and as the shy girl looks back she misses you thinking of her. Her heart aches when she sees you with the girl with looks and her hands shake when shes around you. Even though now your just her friend she doesn't think of you only that way. She was crazy about you and her cheeks turned beet red with the mention of your name. But now she frowns when she thinks of you for you don't think of her the same way. His gaze would make her smile and it reached her eyes which twinkled with a certain hope. A star in the sky that she hoped she could wish on to get the one she wanted. Things are easier between you and her now because its normal. But you miss the secret crush you both had on each other. It's over now so you move on but when you close your eyes you still see him.

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