The Baffled King

September 30, 2009
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Up at the castle where I work,
A lowly servant, cook and clerk,
There lives a king, though proud and great,
His heart was filled with grief and hate.

Though he’d ignored me every day,
For once, he finally looked my way.
Into his hands he placed his head,
Then sighed, looked up at me, and said:

“I’ve maids a-plenty, lots of land,
A thousand men at my command.
I’ve precious jewels, my own statue,
A castle, crown and kingdom, too.

I sit upon a velvet throne,
Of poverty, I’ve never known.
A golden crown rests on my head,
My stomach’s filled with wine and bread.

I’ve servants and a kitchen staff,
A jester, too, to make me laugh.
My portrait hangs upon the wall,
My castle’s anything but small.

And yet, I fear, there’s something wrong.
If here’s the place where I belong,
And I’ve a thousand men employed,
Then what remains to fill this void?”

I knew it would be best to lie,
That he would not like my reply.
Assure him there was nothing wrong,
That he was great and rich and strong.

But something in his troubled eyes,
Vanquished all my petty lies.
His helpless gaze, hands on his hips,
Drew the truth straight from my lips.

“Listen well, you foolish king,
And, maybe then, you’ll learn a thing,
Or two about what you’ve ignored,
The simple joys left unexplored.

I’ve not a single dime to spare,
My hut is cold, my cupboards bare.
I work for pennies, nothing more,
A draft blows in beneath my door.

But I’ve got something you have not,
It can’t be eaten, worn or bought.
The thing you lack, my troubled friend,
You’ve never cared to comprehend.

It isn’t diamond, coin or jewel,
It can’t be taught or learned in school.
It won’t be found in text or book,
But it’s everywhere, if you only look.

I may be cold in winter’s storm,
But I’ve a wife to keep me warm.
I need no clown to make me smile,
My children make my life worthwhile.

You may sit on a golden throne,
But silly king, you sit alone.
Your laughs are false, your smiles fake,
You never give more than you take.

You pity me, but you’re mislead.
It’s you you should console instead.
You while away your days alone,
You have no friends to call your own.

Baffled king, it’s time you learn,
It’s happiness for which you yearn.
For all the money on the Earth,
Holds less value than love and mirth.

In your life I hope you find,
The joy that comes from being kind.
And that, before you meet your end,
You’ll learn to make and keep a friend.

So pity those of poorest health,
Not only those deprived of wealth.
Open your heart for the weak and small,
For love’s the greatest wealth of all.”

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Sheston said...
Oct. 25, 2009 at 1:01 pm
Hey!!! Really great poem!!! You commented on mine (Painfully told to the weakhearted) and you said they were similar. They sort of are but your is reall really good!!!
Keep writing
Amanda D. replied...
Oct. 27, 2009 at 11:13 pm
Thanks! :)
That means a lot
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