October 7, 2009
By , Clarkston, MI
My sophomore homecoming fell on a hot Saturday night, in October of 2006.
I will never forget, that seemingly dreadful day I first met you,
our friends tried to match us up for the dance.
I was clueless until I heard, “Molly go stand by him.”
I will never forget how awkward it felt standing by you,
someone I had met only two minutes prior.

I already wanted nothing to do with this horrendous homecoming.
I was the only one of my friends without a date.
My dress was not what I originally wanted.
My hair was such a menacing mess.
My eyes red and puffy from crying.
I will never forget thinking, “How could this night get any worse?”

We took pictures by each other,
still not a clue of who the other was.
We hopped in the limo and were about to depart,
until Lauren forgot her ticket,
and I forgot my phone.

I will never forget, my sly way to get your number,
as well as locate my missing phone.
Your big, bright blue eyes seemed to sparkle,
as I asked, “Could I borrow your phone?”
You smiled, and unknowingly gave your future girlfriend, your number.
Inside, my stomach filled with butterflies knowing that I got the number
from one of the most good-looking juniors in school.

The next day I was sure not to forget to text you,
and thank you for giving me your number.
Laughter replaced confusion as you figured out,
my real reason behind my missing phone.

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