Mom the Indestructible Bat Mobile

September 24, 2009
By Marisa Schussler BRONZE, River Vale, New Jersey
Marisa Schussler BRONZE, River Vale, New Jersey
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You are the indestructible bat mobile

the paperclip in my pocket holding together a three page book

You are the alarm clock on my dresser

And the answer to the crossword puzzle

You are the perfume in the bottle

And the cherry skittles in the candy dish

However, you are not the sour yellow skittles,

The sack of potatoes laying in the bottom of the ‘fridge

Or the fly buzzing around the room

There is just no way you are the fly buzzing around the room

It is possible that you are the shoulder that I lean on

Maybe even the legs that I stand on

But you are not even close

To being the mismatched socked on the dryer

And a quick look in the mirror will show

That you are neither the dusty books on the shelf

Nor the loser of a race

I might interest you to know,

Speaking of the plentiful imagery of the worlds,

That I am the red rose in the cluster of white

I also happen to be the mouse in the corner

The first snowflake of winter

And the breath of fresh air

I am also the question mark at the end of the page

And the exclamation point at the top

But don’t worry; I’m not the indestructible bat mobile

You will always be the indestructible bat mobile

Not to mention the paper clip that is somehow holding together the three-page book.

The author's comments:
My mom, my hero.

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