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August 13, 2019
By StarNightGirl GOLD, Boyds, Maryland
StarNightGirl GOLD, Boyds, Maryland
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Favorite Quote:
"Life's under no obligation to give us what we want."

Patience is a dangerous kind of mag!c

It makes you still your beating heart

And push down every ounce of your

Anticipation and hope,

It makes you wait and wait and


Patience is a dangerous kind of mag!c 

It hurts the soul and crushes your dreams

Pushing its way to every word,

Every syllable you speak

Patience is a dangerous kind of mag!c 

It perches in your brain 

And  stays until it disappears leaving you

Too powerful and your heart 

Too vulnerable 

The author's comments:

the hardest test in life

is having the patience

to wait for the right moment

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