April 23, 2018
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My interest was provoked
by his remarkable demeanor,
as I opened the door.
It was a STRANGE, "STRANGE" man,
dressed up like a detective from the 60s. With a long coat, a hat and a

'Are you Jennie?' asked he,
My quivering mouth said yes
and he smiled and left.
A chill , a terror , a shiver
ran down my spine
As I stood there awstruck by the mystery man who just left.

There was oblivious enemity, cruel
antecedants, and the famous chordettes's lollipop song
all seeming to relate us.

Was he the lollipop man?
who gave each one of us five lollipops
for five a cents.

It was me who knew the truth THEN,
And it is only me who still knows the truth NOW.
'Come with me children,
let me take you far away,
to a place with lots of lollipop and
space'-he used to say
'lollipop lollipop oh lolli lolli
lollipop...'- the POOR,'POOR' the children sang and merrily went along
with him and stayed.

But Mommie
wouldn't allow me
"Little Jennie "
-said she'" never go with the lollipop man because he is evil as evil could be".

But lollipop man said to me,
" little Jenni'e',
Why don't you come to me
without telling your mommie,
down the valley "

In my room upstairs at night
I sat thinking,
to go to his place would be
such a delight.

'lollipop lollipop oh lolli lolli
lollipop...' I sang
for I was going to the place with a lot of lollipop and space.

So I went , Down the stairs,
Down the street, Down the tower
and Down the vale.
And I was shocked to see for it was not a plce with a lot of lollipop and space.

Blood was here, Blood was there,
Blood was all around.
The little me saw my little friends,
Without a motion or a sound.

Kissing my little friend goodbye,
I RAN, 'RAN' to save myself from
The cruel MAN.

Now I am here in my room thinking
about the STRANGE, 'STRANGE' man
Is he the same lollipop man?

So i set off again, Down the stairs,
Down the street, Down the tower and
Down the vale.
To the place where the blood still prevailed.

'lollipop lollipop oh lolli lolli
lollipop...' I heard a Baritone ,
and there stood the MAN ,
who looked like a reaper sent in exile,
who came after a LONG,'LONG' time.

'lollipop lollipop oh lolli lolli
lollipop....' I sang after him,
something came into me,
I know not what,
And he looked so absurd,
for these were the last words he heard.

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