A Rotation

March 20, 2018
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As I sat on the moist, untouched grass

under the shade of an autumn tree,

a single amber leaf pass

over the hill and into the sea.


"How lonely," I thought, "the leaf might be."

Drifting in the deep water

under the sunlight and into the sea.

Then it was lost, and I felt anger.


But what can I do?

I'm alone and unmoving.

A leaf falls, then two.

The helpless leaves wouldn't stop falling.


Afterwards, Winter came.

Everything frigid, while I felt nothing.

For over centuries the cycle is the same.

Life and death- a cycle never changing.


As season's change, so do I.

I loved the cycle, all on my own.

Realizing on the lively hill up high

was a great place for me, under the tombstone.

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