In the Night

I remember when we were young and carless,
And knew nothing of the world,
Nothing of the world,
And we lived in a city of those who came before us,
Who built a mud brick wall,
Built a mud brick wall,
And we stared at the vines that had crept up it,
And at the cracks that were formed by the sun,
And we felt a longing for adventure,
So in the night,
We climbed the wall
And we walked on fields of shadow and plains of dimness,
Far from the rising sun,
Far from the rising sun,
And beasts of darkness began to surround us,
With eyes of hardened light,
With eyes of hardened light,
But we lit a fire that blazed a path around us,
And its sparks gave us warmth within the dark,
And the things we feared no longer gathered around us,
So in the night,
We traveled on
When the dawn was a flame with a fire, we climed the summit
the summit of a hill,
summit of a hill,
And the remains of a village greeted us,
With the shrill shards of a scream,
Shards of a scream,
And survivors said that warriors seized the village,
And that they fought like a whirlwind in a storm,
And when the village was beyond being salvaged,
So In the night,
They tore away,
Now, they also told us of other ghost towns,
Of cities left with scars,
Cities left with scars,
And the warriors who mercilessly attacked them,
Warriors dressed in blood,
Warriors dressed in blood,
And they told us to protect what we believed in,
To save a one last area of hope,
And we realized where we had to run too,
So in the night,
We went back home
We found the armies of the enemy,
Surrounding the once strong walls,
Surrounding the once strong walls,
And the people inside sat and trembled,
For fear of what was to come,
Of what was to come,
But we told them to be strong, and to be fearless,
We told them to light a fire in their hearts,
For our foes could never crush our hope and spirit,
So in the night,
We took up arms
And now we strap on our weapons in preparation,
With swords in our hands,
Swords in our hands,
And we are older now with a task for us to finish,
Going into the battle of the world,
The battle of the world,
And when we fight the enemies of our homeland,
The place we love, and know that we belong,
We will face once more our fears and darkness,
So in the Dawn,
So in the Dawn,
So in the Night,
Our hope lives on

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