metal ears

April 1, 2017

i asked the stars’ creator
what gifts waited for me
he gave me a pair of metal ears
and said to wait and see

so i roamed the earth for days and nights
list’ning for the secrets of the world
but no sound came to meet my ears
disappointed, i returned

when i approached his throne again
he asked me what i’d heard
my eyes afire, I exclaimed,
“why, sire, not a word!”

a small smile played across the lips
of the man who’d shaped my bones
i placed the lustrous ears into his palm
and again began to roam

now descending the steps to earth
sweet music caught my ear:
the music of a daily life
so few have stopped to hear

the chirping of the morning
on a rainy day in spring
the singing of the street corners
in soulful new orleans

the screeching of a city
full of stops and starts and noise
the laughter and the tears
of 7 billion girls and boys

as this music filled my ears
it kneaded warm my soul
and suddenly i understood
the wise creator’s goal

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