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My mind, I am losing.
My mind, You're confusing.
Your heart, you're alluding.
These feelings, assuming
that you are pursuing,
are denied but are brewing.


I want it to stop, I want it to end.
But reality is, I cannot pretend.
This weird sensation,
created by you're fixation,
is causing a feel of burning elation
and seemingly, long-lasted jubilation.


I am gray but am bold,
for I am warm and also cold.
I am unsure and I am unnerved,
of what these feelings to you have served
Because this sentiment you bring
they come with a sting.

You are the eyes of the night,
They hold beauty but give fright,
they are an ambiguity to the senses
and leave me in defenses.
Yet you coax me with bliss,
I cannot resist.


So may I be eaten or maybe forsaken,
For when in a fork, a road must be taken.
A gamble a must, when life has you shaken,
I've made my choice firm, a path undertaken.
As something inside me is starting to awaken,
all I hope now is that I was not mistaken.

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