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You call him the devil
Because he makes you want to sin
And every time he knocks
You can't help but let him in.

It's a terrible prophecy.
But fit for nothing better
Than Oedipus the King,
And a fate foretold by letter.

It's a crime to see above you.
You're not a God at all.
Meet with him just once,
And by the Angel, you will fall.

It's not a choice.
Not a simple white or black.
The areas are grey,
And judgement you lack. 

When he comes knocking,
Pray that he will leave.
Don't you look out the window,
For he will only deceive.

You think it's just for you,
The way he twiddled and smiled.
But you cannot change the essence,
Of the truly wild.

The sinners will eat,
But the demons will feast.
He's caught you in his palms now,
Oh dear, oh woes to the High Priest.

You better start running,
Try to get away far.
Tap after tap,
He knows exactly just who you are.

You played a dangerous game.
How foolish of you.
That boy with the killer smile,
Played you just like he played me too.p

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