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Cold Soul

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Summer dance with joy,
Rejoice in the new birth,
A happy baby girl,
Bringing savior to the Earth.
It was so beautiful,
Just like the setting sun.
Kisses to the butterflies,
Twilight paling one by one.
Dancing with her hanging,
She grew big and tall.
The father was a monster,
But it was still happiness in the fall.
Oh envy did the split,
Of mother and father,
But it was for the best,
Beauty and the daughter.
The arrangement grew set,
The daughter often made visit,
To the lonely father,
But the butterflies no longer liked kisses.
The summer warmth was dimming,
In weather and in heart.
The winter was setting in,
And it was tearing her apart.
Ice grew in her soul,
Happiness was now fading,
She didn’t understand,
Why her warmth was disintegrating.
Her mother didn’t know,
Why the dances were ending.
Spring couldn’t come forth,
And the daughter’s faith was bending.
The father was long gone,
He took the summer away.
The daughter just wanted to dance,
But the winter raged with heavy weigh.
She said her last words,
Lips blue, eyes bold.
To her mother and father,
“Why did you let me grow so cold?”

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