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The Significance of a Shooting Star

By , Toms River, NJ
To be eccentric was a skill that he had perfected
Yet by everyone around he was rather respected
With a flick of the wrist he painted planets abound
In a manner that couldn’t help but astound
The galaxies would twirl and dance with the stars
While loving strokes dabbled and worked on Mars
He wanted to be an astronaut and a success
But soon found it all to be too much stress
So to the brush he retired to paint dreams
While slowly witnessing the death of his schemes
Painting after painting he produced in a flash
And they were put in his attic with the rest of the stash
His life was colourful and surprisingly long
And he never once thought his decisions were wrong
His heaven was the universe and all of it’s charm
Which he was free to explore without any harm
And now he lives up there in the sky
Painting every shooting star you see go by

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