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Life's Cautionary Love

The way you moved?like waves through and through?my mind, my body, my soul.?High tides and low tides.?I miss them, I miss you.??The way you spoke?in that undeniably inviting tone?like echoes of chirps and croons?in a silent, lifeless world.?I still hear it, I still hear you.??Our memories?are now my dreams.?It’s the only place I can be with you.?No matter the distance,?no matter what.??Our memories?are stitched into a quilt,?each tile is weaved together?with threads of our past.?I still go back to us to keep my present warm.??If only, someday, someway?I could find my way back.?I would run through any mountain,?walk across any ocean,?just to be with you.??If you forget me everyday?I’ll remember enough for the both of us.?I’ll erase the mountains ?and drain the oceans.?I’ll put you and me right where we should be. ???-This is our first collaboration each, and together. Hopefully not our last.

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