Stone Colored Snares

April 24, 2013
I ran into a banshee on my way home
It let out a shriek so I let it alone

Further still I spot a werewolf, all jowls and fight
It gave me a jeer and then fled out of sight

Later on I saw a gargoyle with stone colored snares
It gave me a sneer which I returned without care

Soon after I see a siren and she sang me a song
But I smiled and waved because I was not lured along

At one point I saw a ghoul with an alabaster face
He offered me a deal but he lost his case

On again I met a demon, a balefully playful thing
He pulled and he tugged so I clipped his wing

Once home I saw a monster, that I don’t fear but do believe
I opened my door, and now it’ll never leave

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