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A drop of danger

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The night ripped through the day
uncanny and flippant
the echo of neighbouring streets tore through the warm silk of sleep
rose-tinted light seeps through my curtains almost translucent
but opaque in her majesty...
they said he's got a rolled cigarette
hanging out his mouth, he's a cowboy kid
hollow cheeks, sunken eyes
"must have lost his wits"
i manage a strangled laugh
he doesn't move, sits, staring at the ceiling, slowly decaying in his wake
he wasn't the most profitable yet shone in profligacy
his health had facilitated
but drugged on his misfortunes
picked up a dollar put down the mothers pipe
if only, if only...the two words that complete me
who robbed him of his future?
wiped his life out of existence?
who poisoned his blood?
curdling and laughing as they coursed through his veins
the alcohol?
that last sip of whiskey
"what's wrong with a drop of danger"
who would deny us these
i don't remember...
the pungent liquor
the wrath, vengeance and torment
i remember how the day ripped through the night, the very next day
uncanny and flippant
the stale echo of mid-summer traffic

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