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The Tale of the Trizule This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

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I know of a happy bright little town
And the people there call it Nowhere
And right in the middle of this pretty place
There sits a veggie farm owned by a Hare

The Hare grows beets, he grows carrots
And Radishes, tomatoes and beans
His farm is a rainbow of vegetable colors
Reds, oranges, yellows, and greens

One day on the farm, the Hare was busy
He was removing the dead plants and weeds
And as he was digging, he saw under the soil
A dirty and dusty old packet of seeds

They didn't have a picture or any name at all
They just had instructions on how they grow
So the excited Hare planted them right away
What they were, he really didn't know.

Would he grow onions? Or maybe a pepper?
The Hare was anxious to see his sprout
And as he looked out his window the very next morning
A large blue something had popped right out!

Even though he was wearing his slippers and pajamas
He ran down the stairs and out to the yard
He ran to his plant and yanked on the stem
It took some effort, and was pretty hard.

It was the strangest veggie the Hare ever seen
It was blue and it had three ends.
He brought it inside and picked up the phone
He had to tell all of his friends.

"Hello, Mrs. Cat! Come to my farm quick!"
He announced into the phone with an excited voice.
"Bring your friends, bring your family, bring everyone you know
Bring all of the children, the girls and the boys!"

He decided that his veggie had to be named
And he got to name it, that was the rule
He had to think long and hard for a name
And his triangular veggie was called a trizule.

He cut off a corner of the royal blue trizule
And popped it in his mouth, to see how it tasted.
It was delicious and salty and spicy and sweet.
He didn't want this great flavor to be wasted.

An hour later he heard a knock on the door
He answered it and saw that the whole town had come
He held up his large blue discovery
And said to the crowd "Everybody- try some!"

The Hare watched as the curious townsfolk
Crowded around his special treat.
They all had a bit and thought it was
delicious and salty and spicy and sweet

The only citizen who's face
Didn't host a brilliant smile
Was a creature sulking in the back.
It was the grouchy crocodile.

The delicious trizule was gone
But the excited townsfolk wanted more
And sitting unnoticed on the table
Was a navy blue trizule core.

So Grandma Goose pointed out
That in cores there must be seeds
So the city went out and gardened
Until they'd satisfied their needs

Everyone had trizules in their homes
The had trizules puddinged and trizules pied.
They put it in soups and salads and sandwiches.
They had trizules baked and trizules fried.

The only one who didn't have
A trizule in every meal
Was the ever-scheming crocodile
Who was known to plot and steal.

The crocodile had exactly zero friends
But this didn't make him sad
He liked to be mean, snotty and rude
and he hated people who were glad.

In fact he was plotting right at that moment
Because he hated the Hare getting all the attention
He wanted a new food, even more delicious
He even had a fruit farm, I forgot to mention.

And on his farm he grew many fruits
But nobody knew, he rarely would share
So he decided that he'd grow a fruit
So delicious that nobody wouldn't care.

But back on the Hare's farm
He was growing trizules like crazy.
The city's demand was just too high
And he had no time to just be lazy.

The crocodile was experimenting
With all of his juicy fruits.
He tried so many combinations
Of colors, seeds, and roots.

Finally the crocodile got something
That compared to the veggie was a treat
Because it was a little sour
Plus delicious and salty and spicy and sweet.

He planned to show his creation
To the world the very next day
He just couldn't wait to see what
the Hare with his trizules would say

But when the croc went to the farm
In front there already was a crowd.
Anger and frustration was easily visible
They were definitely being loud.

But the strangest thing of all
Was that all of them were colored blue
Blue cows, blue sheep, blue snakes
Blue dogs, and one blue kangaroo

And then a very blue Hare
In pajamas came out the door.
"It's not my fault!" He said
"You were the ones who wanted more!"

The crocodile had a strange emotion
One that before he'd never had
It felt like the Hare's troubles
Made the CROCODILE feel sad

He ran back to the fruit farm
As fast as his legs could run
And he tested and experimented
Until he got a fruit shaped like a sun

He took it back to the veggie farm
Where it was chaos of feathers and fur.
Then he announced out to the crowd
"Hey guys! I've got a cure!"

They all stopped and turned
With widely opened eyes
The crocodile being helpful?
This came as a surprise.

He passed out his special fruits
Even though they didn't taste good
But to everyone's delight
They turned the colors they should!

The little ones gave him hugs
And to his surprise he didn't mind
And that was when he realized
That it felt good being kind

He forgot all about the special fruit
And the trizules were forgotten to
He was welcomed into the town
The crocodile felt good and new.

The crocodile and Hare became friends
At first the people thought it strange
That the Crocodile had helped, but
The hare said "hey, people can change."

The End

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