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Confessions of a Teenager

I’m always nervous or excited
And I’ve chewed up all my nails
I know I can walk
But I’m still holding the rails

I have always tried my hardest
To reach standards set so high
But my best isn’t The Best
And I can’t figure out why

I look forward to my future
While still clinging to the past
I want the scenes to change
But I want the friends to last

I live life with a mixture
Of constant fear and fight
My mood changes as often
As day changes with the night

I do everything too fast
Or sometimes I do them too slow
And almost my every reply
Is “I really don’t know”

I often pray that fairy tales
Could somehow happen to me
Even though I am aware
Of the harsh reality

I never feel beautiful
I’m insecure about what you see.
So I blend in with the crowd
Or do they blend in with me?

Sometimes I laugh when I shouldn’t
And I say things I abruptly regret
I might jump into life head-first
Without considering a safety net

So yes, I am not perfect
I am meant to be this way
But sorry to say that I am Teen
And this is how I will stay.

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