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In the Classroom

20 bored students
With expressionless faces
Their minds, they drift
To different places

The chalkboard squeaks
With a saddened dread
Numbers and letters
Clouding my head

The clock ticks on
Mocking the class
They sit and pray
For the time to pass

The teacher starts yelling
But no one seems to care
locked in sight with the clock
You can't break a stare

The letters are jumbled
Numbers dont compute
They all keep the stare
They stay resolute

20 freshman students
They all look unsure
A sharp, short bell
Is the only known cure

But the quest just grows harder
As they are put to the test
Try to keep their eyes open
Wishing for rest

With a broken hope
Their eyes are downcast
As they come to realize
Only a minute has passed

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