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A Child in Heaven

A soul with no idea where to go
I reached towards the heavens above
Hoping God would welcome me
With promised arms of love

A man stood at the silver doors
With a grin upon his face
I walked up with a confident stride
And asked “May I please enter this place?”

The man looked me up and down
Then chuckled and rolled his eyes
And with a golden poison latched on his tongue
He laughed “So this is your disguise?”

“Oh, Lucifer I see it!
Of course I know its you!
You act as a child of innocence
But I see a black and evil hue”

What was this man saying?
I was never rebellious or wild.
I was fragile, tiny, I was naïve
I am only a child.

He saw the confusion spread on my face
But still he continued to say
How pure evil could shine through
And he asked me to go away.

“I am not the devil,
I do not wish for hate
I am only a child,
Who wishes to pass heaven’s gate”

He laughed at me once again
His cackle lively and pure
Before I had dreamed of gentle Angels
But as I stood, I was not so sure.

He looked at me with power
Shining fierce within his eyes
He looked at me and said
“Every human dies.”

“Every human born to earth
Has sin within their heart.
Every human with a life
Has Satan as a part”

I had no response to this
As I knew I sinned before
And sinners can never pass
Through heavens holy door.

I had prayed and I had pleaded
I swore I was meek and mild,
But still not granted peace,
No absolution for a child.

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