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The Creature

I have a tiny creature
Living deep inside my heart
That takes vacations in my head
And takes my mind apart

It tells me I’m not worth it
And that I’m always second best
I’m always treated as an option
A face among the rest

It tells me I’m not pretty
That my look makes people cry
That not a single soul would care
If today I was to die

It tells me I’m too stupid
To do anything in future years
It tells me no one likes a girl
Who doesn’t drink those beers.

It tells me someone’s better
And I can never be as great
It tells me that I’m disgusting
And I’m way too overweight

It tells me just to give up
A guy could never love me
It tells me not a single boy would
Take a second glance to see.

It tells me all these horrible things
And I smile and say it’s a lie
Some days its really hard to push out that being
But at least I have the strength to try

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