You and Me Means "We"

February 29, 2012
I have been you and me
For these uncounted years.
I have been part of "we"
As long as I've shed tears.

You shelter me in arms
As strong as iron bars,
Away from all that harms
By carving in deep scars.

There is not one pair
Alive out there today
With all that we share
Despite the price we pay.

Being me and you
Is not an easy thing,
But we are always true
Without wearing rings.

We are not the same.
That, anyone could see,
But we will not play games
And agree to disagree.

Your heart will belong
On a diamond on base third,
Whereas my quiet song
Flies on the wings of words.

We may not have a dream
That holds a common thread,
But we'll always be a team
No matter where we tread.

I love you more than ever,
In spite of contrasts
And separate endeavors
Because we share a past

That inspires a future
For a family
As strong and secure,
As what was born to me.

We grew up in homes
As polar as sun and moon.
But in them we have grown
Though gone we will be soon

Off to see the world
Through brown and hazel eyes
As we see our souls unfurl
And our hearts begin to fly.

Join me on this trip
To where we've never been
And I will not let you slip
Though I'll fall time again.

"We" means you and me
For every one of time's years,
You and I, forever "we"
In joy and in tears.

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