March 9, 2012
I'm not a baby,
Not anymore.
But I think maybe
Out there is more

Than I could have had
When I was young
Though it still sounds sad
That that part is done.

I'm not a child,
No, not today
But I miss it while
Wishing it could stay.

I know moving on
And growing Up
Is almost done
But I want to give up.

I want to go back
To yesterday,
To that wobbling stack
Of cards we made

When we were small
And they were big,
When the grass was tall
And for worms we'd dig

So we could go fish
With Daddy and Ma.
I still hear each wish,
See the stars we saw

Camping in the dark
Down the hill at home.
I remember parks,
My braids and that comb

I used on your knots
Despite all your fears,
Those bug-bite spots
And all of the tears.

I still see the throne
We made out of rocks.
I still hear the moans
Made about itchy socks.

I miss hating heels,
Trying Mom's lipstick,
Taking dares and deals,
Like that tree I licked.

I miss Daddy's songs,
Huddling in bed,
Staying up all night long,
Funny things you said.

I miss those days
When everyone
Could sit and play
Games we all won.

Life was easy then
And filled with joy.
I remember when
I'd chase that cute boy

From my 5th grade class
On the playground,
Giving him sass
When he turned around.

That time you cried
When you lost your ball,
And when the frog died,
When I broke your doll.

When we went to church,
But popped, snapped our gum
And in our seats lurched
From the boredom.

Mom said "good morning"
And hummed happily.
We found it corny
And far too silly!

What I would give now
For that sunny smile
And a proud "wow"
Once in a while,

To go back in time
When we jumped rope
To school girl rhymes
And rejected soap

Whenever Mom tried
To get us clean
After mud-slide rides
That stained our blue-jeans.

Think back to when
You gave valentines
To that boy at age ten.
He said, "Be mine!"

I was so jealous,
Thought you prettier,
But that wasn't us.
We never stayed bitter.

It's been a long time
Since all of that
But we will be fine
Though we'll have more spats.

I loved you then,
Despite all the fights,
And I'll be your friend,
Love with all my might.

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Catlady108 said...
Feb. 1, 2015 at 10:42 pm
I love it! This poem reminds me of myself, my sisters and the things we do together. Keep up the good work!
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