Alone in this World

March 4, 2012
The world turns away,
Not one friendly face
To welcome me back in
After what he did.

I stand there and wait,
But no one changes pace
To help the lonely girl
On the street.

Left here all alone,
with nothing of my own,
Except the splintered pieces
Of my broken heart.

He said his love
Was boundless as the seas,
As far across
As eternity.

Now, standing here,
I see the truth is clear:
His love was only boundless
As a phase.

He would lay there, eyes dead,
A crown upon his head,
Chisled from
His heart of stone.

One day I looked into his eyes,
And I tried not to cry
For I could see a storm
Brewing there that night.

I laid under the moon,
The storm was coming soon.
I had so much to regret,
But I prayed I would forget.

I braced myself some
For the blow I knew would come.
Finally, it blew
Through my heart and my soul.

Now I have had to learn,
That the world will not turn
Towards a girl who cannot
Make it on her own.

But continue,
I will not.
With these sad and lonely thoughts.
I will not stay sad forever.

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