For the Greater Good?

March 4, 2012
She mounted her horse
And set off towards town,
Leaving the corpse
To sink and to drown

In the ice cold river,
Frozen over by winter.
The dead do not shiver,
So she left it behind her.

Riding onward,
She passed several men,
Broken and awkward,
Burdened by what had befallen them.

She traveled dawn until night,
Through snow and then rain,
In darkness and light,
To escape what pain

She had seen in the eyes
Of those she had passed on her way.
The civillians' cries
Caused her great dismay

As they haunted her mind
And weighed down her heart.
She lived in fear of the kind
That would shoot a man down and then tear him apart.

When she returned to her village,
She looked back up the mountain
Towards the place of blood spillage,
Where it had flowed like a fountain.

The cruelty she had seen
Would plague her years later,
As the war time did ween,
But she knew it was for the good greater.

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