Red Riding Hood

March 4, 2012
The train of her cloak
Dragged through the snow.
The winter wind with one stroke,
Tore the hood from her face as it did blow.

The cloth hid her footsteps
From the eyes of her trackers.
Secret the haven was kept
From the attackers.

She fled over hills
And around brittle trees,
Flinching at raven trills,
Ducking from the chilling breeze.

Fear filled her heart in a flood,
As the river once flowed over the land.
She ran through the wood
On a journey unplanned.

Every step brought her nearer
To the safety she sought,
And each made it clearer
That return she could not

To the home in which she had been born,
Where her brothers and neighbors
Had recently sworn
That she was a witch and naught other.

Her own town
Had betrayed her,
With the intent her to drown,
And then bury her beneath a frigid fir.

But she shook the thoughts
From the depths of her mind,
Ignored the damage that had been wrought
In her soul, and from the hate reclined

As she approached her grandmother's residence
While the sun dipped into the trees,
The old woman stepped out with confidence
And welcomed her kin with ease.

Her panic melted away,
As she fell into the embrace,
Overwhelmed by the love the woman did purvey,
Grateful she had escaped the chase.

Open the doors of the cabin flew,
Displaying a broken man in its wake.
In his eyes she saw it was true,
That he was the one who would make

A new victim each night,
Ripping man, woman, child apart
With only one bite,
And each morning from their sight depart.

She wept into her hands
After staring into his eyes.
Her pain he understands,
And to explain he tries.

The man she had wanted
Since she was a child
For years had haunted
Her family and turned the town wild.

He leaned forward,
Grasped her shoulders,
And as he kissed her,
She felt her lips burn and smolder.

All was forgiven
As the kiss lingered.
Away the hatred was driven
As claws met fingers.

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