Snow White

March 4, 2012
She was born the daughter of a king,
To a dying mother,
In a land of golden rings
And riches other.

When she turned three
Her mother passed on
And she was forced to be
The child of a father always gone

At war and in battle
Along with his knights.
In foreign castles
Attempting to make the kingdoms right.

Then one spring day,
He returned to his people,
On his arm the hand of a dame.
He and his Lady wed beneath the steeple

Of the ancient church.
The dukes and lords wished them well,
But the princess felt her stomach lurch
As her heart sank and fell.

The peasants saw their new queen
As a caring monarch,
But the girl the truth had seen
Every night in the dark

When the queen would retreat
To her low-light bedroom.
There she would repeat
What the girl presumed

She had spoken since near birth.
She would withdraw a curtain
And ask of a mirror of great girth,
In a tone uncertain,

"Who is the fairest in the land?"
For years the mirror had responded "you"
To her demand,
But as the princess had grown, her beauty had too.

After that fateful moment,
When the glass answered "her",
The queen out an assasin sent
To her step-daughter away spur.

The heiress fled her home,
After overhearing her mother,
To in the forest roam,
Knocking on doors, one after another.

After many nights spent wandering,
A family of seven took her in,
Her situation pondering
As the heavy dark sky wore thin.

They knew that the queen would come
For the young princess,
So they chose to protect her from
This harm and distress.

But one morning, the queen struck unforeseen
By appearing as an elder
With a gift for the girl to glean;
A blood red apple she gave her,

Asking her to take just one bite.
And so she did,
Fooled by the evil sprite.
Her body the queen hid,

In a coffin made of glass,
For the elves that loved her to find
And sorrowfully weep at
When they came home from the mine.

This they did later that night.
They prayed for a prince
To her soul awaken and her eyes re-light.
And so he came, and awoke her with a kiss.

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