My Dream

February 14, 2012
The sun rises in the east
It's beautiful to say the least
It burns as red as rubies and fire
It's round and rolls in the sky as a tire

The colors reflecting on the lake
Such vivid images my mind can make
The rays shoot across the morning
As if the earth with jewels adorning

The mountains far across the way
My favorite place I always say
The rocky sides with a pure snow cap
Sitting I take the camera from my lap.

I raise the camera and snap the scene
Against the house I now lean
Suddenly the mountain explodes
What will become of us only God knows.

I run inside to escape the raining ash
I look at the pictures when earth and sky clash
The molten lava seemed to flow from the sun
Down on the earth, but not harming anyone

Then I drift out of that world
I find myself under my blankets curled
It was just a weird imagined dream
No matter how very real it did seem!

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