One Day, My Dream

January 21, 2012
One day I'll have everything,
Nothing will the world not bring.
All for me will be complete;
With no one will I compete.

My heart will be pure and golden,
A treasure to be beholden.
My mind will create beauty,
As its greatest, only duty.

I'll have my own Prince Charming
Who will forever be arming
Himself against the other men
That want me above all women.

I'll have all money can buy
And I will not ever die.
But I will always be free,
No one will stop loving me.

My knowledge will be vast,
Friendships will forever last.
I will give all I can send;
To this there will be no end.

My soul will be an abyss
Of total unending bliss.
My family will never fade,
"Goodbye!" I will never bade.

Beauty I will have abundant,
Many for me will hunt.
I will be the envy of all,
Enemy only to evil.

I will never be left behind
Or ever stuck in a bind.
I will make all the world stare,
The prettiest and most fair.

My voice will be a melody,
My lips will glisten as the sea.
My hand will be a noble prize;
I will be unable to tell lies.

My home will be a dwelling place
For love in every single space.
Everyone and thing will be whole,
Forever will rejoice my soul.

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