I'm Sorry

February 6, 2012
Can you hear me,
Crying in the dark?
Can you see me,
Every shameful mark?

Do you understand
When I walk away?
Why I drop your hand
And never stay?

I know you hear me,
Crying in your ear
And I know you see
Each part of me here.

Can you believe
What you did not know?
Please do not leave
Don't away us throw

Just because I fell
Into a bed we made,
When you knew full well
That my virtue would fade.

It is not all your fault,
But neither is it mine
That our hearts did halt
From crossing one line.

I made a mistake
But you set me up;
The blame I cannot take
For drinking from the cup

You put to my lips,
And tipped toward my throat,
Forcing a sip
So on you I would dote.

My mind was made
To stand by your side,
Cowering in your shade,
To from the world hide.

But my heart shook
Every time I bent.
The thought to look
Elsewhere came and went

And came yet again.
So I found another
That brought to me then
Happiness other.

Say how many times
Should I apologize
For all the lies,
For all my "crimes"

Or should I just say
I love you?
Because I do...
Now and every day.

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