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Depths of Hell

People of the world, distracted with affairs.
When you try to warn them they don't seem to care.
Their souls are dark and open like a cave;
deep in despair, where no one can be saved.
Their evil consumes them, swallows them whole.
Death is among us I am taking the toll,
because where I am going we all have a soul.
Hell is consuming,
you're next up in line.
While in life, you didn't pay the fine.
Why you're forsaken, you haven't a clue,
you're paying the fine, the only thing that's true.
The line get longer, but shorter for you.
Oh, how we became this,
by people like you.
Next time you gaze upon someone like me,
you'll be on your death bed praying to be free.
Don't cheat death, don't even try,
because once we are born we are condemned to die.

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SmartTart said...
Dec. 18, 2011 at 11:53 am

I like this. Makes you notice life isn't jus pretty and butterflies but we all hav an ending. Nice thinking.


Plzs comment on my poem . Thanks(:

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